There’s no rest for the wicked Freak Trix Records with upcoming Neapolitan note-weaver, Franko, who was appeared onto the label with his electro monster, ‘Brain Drop’ which was supported by artist such as David Guetta and many others earlier in 2014.

He is back this time with a dance floor reaper to rip through the world’s dance floors with his newest track entitled ‘Abnormal’. A brain melting big room Electro brute ready to announce Franko’s second release on Freak Trix and propel his growing reputation to the next level.

He has already received huge acclaim from label boss Born Freak, and his stock continues to rise with support from the likes of David Guetta, Nick Belucci, Steven Titmus, Rafii, Heat Maxwell and many other just to name a few.

His mammoth talents have already seen him featured on the genre’s front page at Beatport. Freak Trix are piling every creative resource into growing this superstar in the making.