1. Take My Hand (Instrumental - Club Mix)
  2. feat. Jaki Nelson (Vocal Mix)

Born Freak is back once again with another massively uplifting offering for the ever growing army of Freak followers. His latest single, “Take My Hand”, sees the ethereal voice of Jaki Nelson to produce a sumptuous vocal house track that oozes summer chill out vibes.

The pre-release shot to immediate prominence with an appearance on BBC and is due for mainstream availability from September 23rd on Freak Trix Records, with a Mau5trap release date soon to be announced.
Whilst usually known for a hard-hitting progressive techno/house vibe, this latest musical treat showcases his unparalleled diversity, bringing a calm yet euphoric ambience to the table without compromising on the punchy synths that keep his followers coming back for more.

The Los Angeles-based siren, Jaki Nelson, brings a whole new dimension to Born Freak’s armoury. Her angelic vocals act as the perfect foil for the suspenseful build-ups before dropping into a tune that will be ringing throughout sun-beaten terraces and clubs across the globe.