Born Freak continues to blaze a revolutionary trail across all facets of Bass Music. The latest offering from Freak Trix Records presents another massive EP by Bass Farmers entitled ‘Kami’.

The Canadian born melody magicians collaborating since 2011 and have already weaved themselves an inimitable identity, mixing up deep and dirty bassline carnage with Glitch, Dubstep and DnB-infused beats.
The diversity in their sound owes a huge amount to their own musical tastes spanning everything from glitch hop and ghetto funk to dubstep and drum & bass.

Bass Farmers have already appeared on Freak Trix earlier on 2014 with their successful release entitled ‘You Mad?.
Bass Farmers also appeared alongside some of the biggest names in the dance music world, supporting mega stars such as Ed Solo, Optical, Ed Rush, Kill The Noise, Torro Torro and Stickybuds just to name a few.