After the incredible success that Freak Trix Records has enjoyed so far in the deep and dirty underworld of dubstep, the latest cream of production prodigies to rise through the label have finally arrived.

BassReaper & Tryple’s scintillating debut brings an unrelenting ode to retro-gamers all over the world in the form of ‘Trapped in the Game’, a stampeding riot of quirky synths and nineties sound bites skip across the pounding abyss of its devastating, rolling bass lines. Release date: 29/09/2014

These Italian prodigies have barely hit twenty, yet have already found themselves with support from the likes of Born Freak, Rafii, Heat Maxwell and Bass Farmers as they look to firmly establish themselves alongside the label’s big boys!
With this killer debut now firmly under their belts and a label behind them that’s quickly building a glittering reputation for nurturing young talent, these boys have the potential to be total game changers.