Freak Trix Records continues to unearth some of the world’s best talents while harvesting some massive success for the label and its artists. The latest crop of the summer hits the scene on December 28th as Mod3sto with their third Electro monster release entitled ‘Voices’ blast through all the venues on the New Year’s Eve of 2016 to start an even more active year.

These talented artists have a busy schedule in 2016 and big things are expected to come from their hard-hitting records. Freak Trix will be exclusively releasing Modesto’s Remix of ‘Alone’ by Rafii early next year in January 2016 so sit tight for more to come!

Mod3sto was introduced earlier in August 2015 with their successful release entitled ‘Asylum’ featured by Beatport and supported by some great artists within Electro House genre. Modesto’s 2nd release the track entitled ‘Carnivore’ has captured Beatport’s attention and has received a banner on the Electro page