1. Born Freak - MotherLand
  2. Heat Maxwell - GameBoy
  3. Rafii - Alone
  4. Born Freak - Mau5 It Up
  5. Mologon - Throat Punch
  6. Evenwave - Springhead
  7. Subtap- Blue Storm
  8. Zima - Night Owl

Freak Trix Records supremo is back again with a stunning compilation titled “World Electronic Music Vol. 01” to introduce the best tracks of Freak Trix so far. “W.E.M Vol. 01” showcases the myriad of talent at his disposal in a sumptuous collection of dance music, encompassing all things electro, progressive, dubstep and house.

The album offers eight beautifully mastered tracks, ranging from those who have already established themselves with Freak Trix, Mau5trap, Dirty Dutch Music and Nervous Records, all the way through to those making their debuts!

Freak Trix prides itself on unearthing those with a natural capacity in forward-thinking productions, and this latest offering is a perfect illustration of that ethos.