Member of ‘Electronic Youth’…!

We are excited to announce and welcome ‘Subk0de‘, member of ‘Electronic Youth‘ to our label for joining us for his first EP ever under the stage name ‘Subk0de‘, on Freak Trix. Good to have you on board!

Since taking the music world by storm after playing a pivotal role as one half of the globally successful Electronic Youth, Freak Trix Records is proud to announce that Subk0de’s hotly anticipated single, ‘All That’, will be grooving its way on to the digital shelves from May.

As the alter ego of LeisureGroove, the list of names that have supported this inimitable talent reads like a who’s who of the house music world, littered with artists such as Claude Von Stroke, Mark Knight, Jamie Jones, Maceo Plex, Luca C, Judge Jules and Seb Fontaine to name just a handful of legends.
This recognition has seen him tear up some of the most highly respected clubs in both the UK and abroad, with regular sets for Loco Dice at Electric Brixton, Stealth at Ministry of Sound, various Ibiza appearances and, for the purists, the beautifully chic High Definition Festival in London.

With label boss Born Freak moving heaven and earth to support all of his artists, it’s frightening to think what this music matrimony will be capable of.

About Electronic Youth:
Spring 2013, and Electronic Youth stand poised to cement less than two years of hard graft and critical acclaim into commercial success. A summer smash is in the offing with their take on the Angie Stone classic “Wish I Didn’t Miss You” featuring Alex Hart now signed to New State Recordings and awaiting launch.

Tastemaker support for their sound from the likes of Skream and Benga, Jamie Jones, Maceo Plex, Claude Von Stroke, Luca C, & Mark Knight compounds the output of their own productions released on Sexy Trash Digital; the imprint started by Electronic Youth to showcase their take on “house” with 80’s electro and early house influences, deep bass lines and tuff beats, all aligned with a veneer of urban vocal.
Topping things off are their DJ performances, with recent UK sets for Loco Dice @ Electric Brixton, Def Mix 25th Anniversary & Stealth (both Ministry of Sound) along with their long standing “Random” residency, and a calendar about to populate with summer gigs including UK’s High Definition Festival (pre party), soon to be announced Ibiza action, and a return to Stealth @ Ministry of Sound.

That’s now, but how about “then”…
The duo that is Electronic Youth comprises LeisureGroove & Rustem Rustem.

Rustem moved through an early career in vinyl distribution whilst helming his own Loonacy & Spud Records imprints, adding a spell in charge of The Hoxton Whores own WhoreHouse Records.

LeisureGroove created a solo production career with success and support from the likes of Judge Jules, and Seb Fontaine via his own label Digital Disco Records collaborating with the likes of Angie Brown, and seeing successful release with the likes of Hed Kandi.

The two then hooked up on the UK DJ circuit, and created Sexy Trash Digital with initial releases on the label including ‘Rat Race’ and ‘People’ under their own names.

A change direction in sound took place reflecting their joint desire to create something new and fresh, reflecting their musical influences combined with the “deep” sound emerging from London and the South East …Electronic Youth was born!

This is where it gets a little hectic…

An EP signed to Sander Kleinenberg’s label THIS IS Records kicks things off. New York label System Recordings releases the ‘Life On Mars EP’, Sexy Trash Digital’ re-launches with self-produced EP’s and output from signed artists including Subk0de & Sebastian Klone. Electronic Youth create remixes for MYNC ( getting their own single released on CR2 Records as a result), and two very large “unofficial” remixes namely Kariya’s “Let Me Love You For Tonight” and Angie Stone’s “Wish I Didn’t Miss You”.

In addition scan the listings on the likes of Beatport and you’ll find Electronic Youth’s production work curated by the likes of Maquina Music, PHD Recordings, Stealth Records and Conkrete Digital with further releases due on their own Sexy Trash Digital in 2013.

Step forward to 2014 and the release of Electronic Youth’s debut album beckons…

Squeezing a decade of personal dance experiences and a lifetime of musical influences into one long player ain’t gonna be easy, but when “The Youth” are on their watch you know it’s going to be something big!
Pop a note in your musical calendar……………….meantime they’ll see you on the dancefloor!

Sean Tianihad, better known as Rafii, is an Irish EDM…!

Sean Tianihad, better known as Rafii, is an Irish EDM producer who is on the rise. Rafii just released his new EP on Freak Trix Recordings. “Solar System” contains two noise-blazing dubstep tracks that are seriously stellar.

“Alone” features feathery vocals mixed with classic sounds of dubstep. “Solar System” is much more intense and hard-hitting, with an energizing flow throughout.

“Solar System” EP is available to purchase now on Beatport and will be officially released on February 24.

Another massive talent…

Rafii – Solar System EP

Born Freak continues to blaze a revolutionary trail across all facets of EDM and the latest offering from Freak Trix Records presents another massive talent in the making in the form of Rafii and his Dubstep/DnB release, ‘Solar System and Alone’.

The two-track EP is a cataclysmic coming together of dubstep’s hard-hitting, head banging intensity along with the beautiful craft and technical wizardry that we have come to expect from artists at Freak Trix.

Rafii is a rising star in the EDM…!

Rafii is a rising star in the EDM scene who has recieved support from some of the biggest names such as Steve Aoki, this 2 tracker which is out now features 2 tracks of bubbling and pulsating Drumstep & Dubstep perfect for raising the atmosphere to +10 in the club, this is another sure fire hit for Freak Trix Records


What can people expect to hear from you?

BornFreak: Usually a pretty heavy set! Mostly electro, house and hard progressive. I might even throw a bit of trap/dubstep in there if it’s the right time for it!

B2B: And with the EP, No One Cares About the Monkeys, due for release later this year, would you say this is your style or just what you’re feeling for the night?

BornFreak: The No One Cares About the Monkeys EP is all about heavy bass lines and a more old school style of groove and drops. There are three older tracks on the EP which are personal favorites so it’s more of a memorial to those days really, music and sound don’t die.
I think as far as my style goes it’s changed a lot over the years. At first I started by creating the sounds that I had feelings and emotions for, and after a while started to look at music from a more dynamic perspective and tried to create sounds and rhythms with more range and a better flow. I still produce just what I feel like producing, no matter what the genre is. I go after emotions that I feel or that I could feel if I could create that sonic environment that I have in mind. I’m still searching for a couple of particular types of sound that interest me that I could use in all tracks as a kind of signature but I haven’t chosen them yet…

B2B: That’s pretty deep! So how did Born Freak come to be?

BornFreak: I got introduced to music by my brother’s friends who were much older than me when I was about 12. I started to really study it and play at house parties and illegal raves that they were organising round the country so it was a really interesting time for me musically. I was learning fast and after a while people who actually had introduced me to it all started inviting me to play at parties and suddenly I was getting invited across the country!
The actual name comes from elementary school… I was doing crazy dangerous shit since I was young, basically hyperactive 24/7 and my nickname was Freak from time to time lol, even my brothers used to call me it, so when it came to music it was natural to just be Born Freak.

B2B: To make it as far as the echelons of Mau5trap is a pretty big deal, how did you end up signed to one of the biggest labels on the planet?

BornFreak: It’s a crazy story! I moved to the UK to continue my music education and lived about 45 minutes from London in Kent. I was told by my agent that my neighbour was a DJ so I shouldn’t be worried about music and loudness at this place. Anyway I met the guy and we started chatting and it turned out he was the A&R Manager of a company called Three Six Zero Group which look after Mau5trap’s artists! It was completely out the blue and I was totally shocked (Ed: as it goes he’s DJing on the night as well so look out for Duncan K between 10.30 and midnight!) A week or so later I invited him to my studio at my house and he listened to some of my music. I started sending him tracks and parts of my production for approval and before I knew it I was signed and had a couple of tracks released!

B2B: How have Mau5trap been like as a label to be on?

BornFreak: The label has been really helpful and kind. They look after us properly and create a really friendly environment, but at the same time it’s run really professionally and you know you’re there to do a job.

B2B: So having achieved so much success already, you decided to launch your own label, Freak Trix. What was the thinking behind that?

BornFreak: One of the main reasons was my DJ career. Since people were really enjoying the tracks I always thought launching my own label would be the next step. It gives me a platform to discover original and unique tracks to share with other so they could enjoy and appreciate this gift just as I do.

Freak Trix just can’t keep their feet still…

Since launching, Freak Trix just can’t keep their feet still in 2013 as the young label releases yet another robust EP featuring a new talent, this time introducing the diverse talents of UK-based wonderkid Mologon.

The EP features three incredibly distinct tracks from his prolific production arsenal, as he takes us on a musical journey through every facet of his musical talents, which belie his age at just 21 years old. He kicks things off with Throat Punch, which provides the rudest of EP awakenings. As the name suggests, Throat Punch is a hard-hitting killer from the murky depths of the Electro House world, exploring the darker side of Mologon’s mindset.

Following on from this demonic introduction, we have the beautifully crafted title track, Flow A Progressive offering which glistens with a gentle euphoria, its equipped with a warming bass that facilitates the floaty, delicate synths in such a way that it can transport your mind to any of the best beach parties that Ibiza has to offer.

The third and final installment with Crystallized is a magically deceptive Electronica track, which promises to lure you into a dream-like trance, before turning everything on its head and sucking you into a wobbly, bass-fuelled monster.

Freak Trix once again land their hands on a super-hot young talent with a production quality way beyond his years. With the youth of dance music getting scarily good at constantly younger and younger ages – we’re happy to introduce you to another example by the name of Mologon. The EP drops this week and is already being hammered by Chris Lake, Benny Benassi, Markus Schulz and many more a-listers, proof enough for us that young Mologon is onto a winning formula.

Calling For Memories – Born Freak

Aside from being a favourite with one of the most influential labels in electronic music (Mau5trap) – Born Freak’s got his own ship making waves across the seven EDM seas. Freak Trix is the name and the best in quality dance music is the game – no surprises then to see that the Mau5trap man is on the roster and is releasing some stunning music. With a clear focus on pristine production ethics and a sound quality that’s inspiring up and coming producers around the world – the artist turn label boss is showing the world that he’s got many tricks to his arsenal. No less than a month after his last high-impact release with Jaki Nelson ‘Take My Hand’, he’s back again with another collection of fine electronic beats packaged together for your enjoyment on the highly rated talent’s imprint.

‘No One Care About The Monkeys’ is typical of Born Freak’s vibrant production style. Big and heavy bass lines fortified with imaginative and powerful synth works are his most noticeable traits, but it’s a well refined sound that’s engineered to sonic perfection that makes his work stand out most. Every frequency however crazy, is tamed to his wants and needs for the track given a feeling that this guy has every corner of every sound under his command and from what happens when his music blasts through a good set of speakers – we can be sure that he means every bit of it. This isn’t a producer bumping into happy mistakes, it’s clearly the work of an artist that’s mastered his tools and forged his own sound which is picking up support from those that know recognise his blatant talent. His work pulls the best from Electro, House, Trance and Progressive and melts them together to create a sound that takes the best of new and older dance music forms. The EP also features a handful of varied tracks from earlier days of the Born Freak story, making this a perfect addition to any dance music fan’s arsenal.

Freak Trix Take Progressive Back To Its Roots

Freak Trix was only launched in 2013, but they’ve wasted no time assembling a heavyweight discography touching all corners of the electronic music spectrum. 2014 starts with a bang as the label unveils ‘Blue Storm’ from American producer Subtap and as you might expect, it’s a classy presentation. After a batch of heavy hitting Electro releases in the back end of last year, Freak Trix turns to a more traditional Progressive style that’s clearly been manufactured with the main room in mind. As a label true to the culture of electronic music history, they’ve swerved the big-room tendencies infiltrating the charts over the last year and taken Progressive back to where it came from.

Having already appeared on the hugely popular ‘You Never Know’ compilation with his track ‘Distant Dreamer’ he has deservedly earned his first full release on the label after impressing the label hierarchy from day one. The ruthlessly deep and techy vibes bellow from the soul of this San Francisco-based studio assassin, and it’s impossible not to be swept away by this tempestuous debut single. The single’s unrelenting energy pierces through the heart of the track with punchy, reverberating synth drums that guarantee to inject a supercharged shot into the arm of any dance floor. This hard progressive track sets a new benchmark on a label that is quickly becoming a pioneer of some of the best electronic music out there.

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Freak Trix Welcome Back Mau5trap Favourite Heat Maxwell

Mau5trap favourite Heat Maxwell has had his biggest year to date, which most recently saw him back on Deadmau5’s seminal label for the brand new ‘We Are Friends Vol 2′ compilation, on which he was also featured on the first volume.
Back now on one of 2013’s top breakthrough labels Freak Trix, he’s not holding back with his arsenal of hefty electro productions, which have been picking up support from some of the most forceful names in electronic music. With the likes of Armin van Buuren, Benny Benassi, Belucci and Eddie Halliwell already backing the release, the bar is being set high by the first batch of releases from this exciting new label.

Pasadena-based Heat Maxwell has no doubt become a name that instantly sparks interest in those with a love of technical Electro House and his fans will be pleased to know this is one of his craziest works to date. Typically unique and produced to a superb sonic quality, this two-tracker EP shows off the artist’s most attractive traits: ultra-warped sounds, shocking modulation and apocalyptic synth work are all clear signs of a Heat Maxwell production and with the involvement of Freak Trix, you know that you’re getting a package of some of the most forward-thinking Electro House available in 2013.

As the label and its artists continue to push the boundaries into the new year, you can be sure that 2014 is going to be bright for this pack of sonic rule-benders. With such a saturated market for new electronic music