Membership Flash Drive




You can now win a Club Membership Flash Drive by playing the game ‘Feel Lucky’ on the night of our monthly events at the entrance (There will be 25 [4G Freak Trix Flash Drive] for give away). Or by purchasing a Freak Trix Flash at the Shop section on our site!

What the Freak Trix Flash Drive contains:
-A welcome drink + free entry to the next Event!
-Access to free downloads to our upcoming releases!
-Accessibility to a quick download of the Dj Mix and the Video Stream of the Events!
-4G Clip Memory Flash storage for private usage!
-Easy access and supper portable flash with an intelligent shape!
-News and Events announcements via the Club Member on our site!

Once you receive the Flash Drive please visit the Club Membership tab on the Freak Trix website and connect the Freak Trix flash into the USB port. Browse and select the file attached on the flash drive and press next!

Congratulations, now you are a member of the Freak Trix family!
Remember: You only need to register your Freak Trix flash once and you can visit our site anytime by using just your login and password to join from anywhere around the world, enjoy!